NEPtool software – forecast and hindcast tool

NEPtool software

Product Concept:

  • Coupling of wind, wave and current in forecasting tool
  • Cloud-based software for data postprocessing

Customer Needs:

Daily, accurate forecast maps and estimated energy production which enable easy and quick decision making.

Main Milestones:

December 2014 – NEPTOOL software completion

Unique Selling Proposition:

  • Highly accurate forecast software that can simulate wind, wave and current in a single tool.
  • Resolution of the coupled weather, currents, and waves models leading to a significant improvement in the spatial/temporal resolution obtained by state-of-art models.
  • Seamless integration with Eolos buoy.

Project Coordinantion and Management:

Project Manager: Frieder Schuon



  • Utility companies
  • Ocean energy developers
  • ROV/Diving contractors
  • Test sites