Product: EnerTwin


The challenge

Reducing costs without reducing comfort

For many, heating, hot water and electricity are major expenses. Small-scale combined heat and power (CHP) systems, known as micro-CHP, can cut these costs. With a micro-CHP system, households and small businesses generate their own electricity as a by-product of heat production. It’s energy efficient, and reduces dependence on electricity utilities – leading to big savings in costs and carbon emissions.
EnerTwin is a micro-CHP unit from MTT. It uses proven, low-maintenance technology to give households and small businesses a cheaper, smaller and quieter alternative to other CHP models on the market and to existing conventional boilers.

The solution

High-performing alternative to conventional heating

The EnerTwin is a micro-CHP system where a boiler and a small power plant are combined in a single robust device. The core of the EnerTwin is a micro gas turbine that drives a generator and can produce up to 3kW of electrical power and 15 kW of thermal power for heating and hot water.
The EnerTwin can be installed in family homes and offices with a natural gas, propane, heating oil or biogas supply. It can be used as a stand-alone system, or in combination with tanks and boilers. Multiple EnerTwin systems can be installed together, making it suitable for use in a wide variety of situations.
The EnerTwin is available from energy suppliers and certified dealers who tailor and support each unit to meet the specific needs of customers.

Key features

The EnerTwin micro-CHP unit from MTT has been designed with users in mind:

  • Built from standard, off-the-shelf parts, it has an affordable purchase price and competitive, long-term service costs
  • Closed housing of the micro-turbine and non-vibrating technology makes it a noise-free, discreet solution for homes and offices
  • The use of micro-turbine technology means it has only one moving part so servicing and maintenance can be kept to a minimum
  • The EnerTwin can send performance and status information wirelessly to service engineers and technicians, so call-outs and charges are reduced
  • Lightweight and easy to install, it does not need any structural changes to be made to a building before it is implemented
  • The EnerTwin can be installed alongside existing conventional boilers, so there is no need to renew a building’s heating system to benefit from micro-CHP

The value

Full payback in six years or less

Using the EnerTwin micro-CHP unit can reduce yearly energy bills by 25 per cent or more and annual carbon emissions by up to six tons. Building owners may be able to sell excess electricity back to their local supplier and may be eligible for government subsidies where available. The EnerTwin has a payback period of only three to five years, depending on local energy prices and regulations.
KIWA, an accredited European certification authority, has awarded the EnerTwin the CE certificate for field-testing, which is valid in all European Union member states.