– Management of Intermittent & Nuclear Electricity by high efficiency electrochemical Reactor for the Valorisation of CO2 in flexible Energies –


The need

Europe and other major economies have set ambitious goals in terms of penetration of renewable energies in the energy mix, and also in terms of reduction of CO2 emissions. Introducing flexibility is a key challenge for the integration of renewable energies and the transition towards a sustainable, lowcarbon energy system in Europe. The nonprogrammable nature of renewable energies calls for solutions that allow absorbing excess electricity from wind or solar farms. Innovative solutions are also needed to use and valorise CO2 emissions instead of storing it underground.

The solution

One solution to increase the flexibility of the energy mix is to convert the excess electricity production from renewables into hydrogen or other chemical energy vectors. This conversion of energy vector (Power-To-Gas) and the injection of hydrogen or other gases into the gas network allow decreasing the stress on the electricity grid.
MINERVE project aims to go one step further and develop a complete solution that allows converting excess renewable electricity but also using and valorising CO2 emitted by industries such as cement, energy, chemical, steel, etc. CO2 is valorised in the form of high added value products such as methane or synthetic liquid fuels.
To do so, MINERVE develops a disruptive and innovative technology process based on coupling a modular electrochemical reactor (co-electrolyser of steam and CO2) with an intensive methanation reactor.

Overall Status

Project completed (duration: 2012 – 2015)

Project Coordination and Management

Sandra Capela (project manager)
Tel.: +33 (0)1 49 22 52 56

Project Consortium