Smart Grid Materials

The Need

Improved electrical breakdown strength is a key material property in electrical insulation systems. It contributes to increased insulation and a more reliable electrical feed during over-voltage load in electrical apparatus and distribution/transmission systems. Advanced insulation materials are today needed to decrease power losses in power systems, which costs millions of euro every year. Improved insulation materials will enable more reliable HVDC cable systems, windings and bushings and allow for less maintenance and improved electrical design.

The Solution

Three new products are developed within the MATERIALS project:

  • An innovative electric field grading material with a higher performance which increase the efficiency for HVDC cable systems
  • An advanced cellulose-based press board with improved electrical insulation properties for transformers
  • A wear resistant contact material with low friction which enables longer life-time of sliding contacts in heavy-duty voltage regulation equipment.

Overall status

Project Execution

Project Coordination and Management

Malin Nilsson

Project Consortium