Marine Biogas

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Marine Biogas - Concept

Marine Biogas – Concept

The need The production of biogas has increased significantly in recent years and the growth is expected to continue. Many countries have recognized the benefits of biogas for renewable energy production and are actively working to facilitate production, distribution and use of biogas. Today in Europe, energy crops are cultivated to meet the increasing biomass need. However, the use of agriculture land for food-based bio-fuels is limited to 5 %, which means that gas producers have to find substrates with non-agricultural background. Eutrophic seas caused by an increase in nutrients (e.g. nitrogen and phosphorus) are another growing problem with significant negative impact on the marine and coastal environment.

The solution By working with marine based biomass we will reduce the inherent conflict of land based food production versus growing energy crops for renewable energy. The aim of the project is to use a fast growing marine organism that filters the sea from plankton and bacteria. The invertebrate organisms, ascidians, are cultured using existing aquaculture methods and are a well suited substrate for anaerobic digestion to biogas. The ascidians effectively absorb nutrients and thereby significantly contribute to solve the growing problem of eutrophic seas. The scope of the project is to demonstrate the full power of the concept, by cultivating and harvesting biomass in semi-large scale, ferment the biomass to biogas in commercial fermenters, upgrade and distribute to the market. New offshore technology to increase the future production potential will be developed in parallel.

Overall Status:

Ongoing project (duration: 2014-2017)

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Olle Stenberg (project manager) Tel.: +46 706457271

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