Decentralised biomass cogeneration with 2nd gen biomass

The need

Addressing the need of industrial-sized CHP from solid biomass, today’s paradigm is to either build large-scale power plants (larger than 10 MWe) using steam turbine CHP technology, or to burn the feedstock in a boiler producing only heat.

The solution

Meva Energy’s proposition is to enable power and heat production in the range below the commercial feasibility of steam turbine technology. The power plant comprises of a feedstock management system, an entrained flow gasification reactor and systems for gas cooling and gas cleaning. The cooled and cleaned gas is injected into a gas engine which produces power via a power generator.

Overall Status

Ongoing project

Project Coordination and Management

Niclas Davidsson, CEO


Loreen – Decentralised biomass cogeneration with 2nd gen biomass.

VP Business Development at Meva Energy. MSc in Industrial Engineering and Management from Chalmers. A business developer and manager with prior work experience in the CHP segment at Cleanergy, another R&D focused venture company in the renewable energy industry. Additionally experience as sales manager and consultant within the IP consultancy Awapatent, and as management consultant at Accenture.

Elisabeth Ljungblom, CFO
BBA in Finance and Statistics from Örebro University. Wide work experience in finance in various industries. During the last 25 years she has worked in companies such as Bulten, JCE Group and KPMG. She held the position of CFO in Poseidon Diving Systems, Gulins Business Design and Runelandhs.

Anders Wingren, Process Manager
MSc in Chemical Engineering and a PhD from Lund Institute of Technology. A senior process engineer with fifteen years experience in the renewable energy industry. Within the Sekab group, he was responsible for development and commercialisation of bio refinery technologies. Has also worked as a process engineer at Andritz Pulp and Paper focusing on the development of bio energy applications.

Niklas Strandberg, Project Director
MSc of Mechanical Engineering from Chalmers. An experienced project manager who before joining Meva Energy worked at Perstorp AB acting as Engineering Manager for a 110 M€ greenfield project in Stenungsund. Additional experience in UK-based projects and in running his own consultancy business for ten years.

Project Products

  • Meva Power plant