Thermal Collector

Solar Thermal Collector C-110

Solar Thermal Collector C-110

Product Concept:

  • Flat plate solar thermal collector using transparent insulation plastic
  • Max. operational temperature:110ºC
  • Overheating protection: ventilation channel natural convection

Customer Needs:

  • Integration of solar thermal collector systems in industry and
  • buildings at reduced cost
  • Overheating protection

Main Milestones:

  • End product development: 2014
  • Commercialization: 2015

Unique Selling Proposition:

  • Reduced levelized cost of energy
  • Operational safety

Project Coordinantion and Management:

Asensi Oliva


  • Companies that operate boilers equipped with rotating air heaters (power plants, CHP plants)
  • Factories that intend to utilize heat of exhausting gases emitted during production processes