Rotary Air Heaters Control System (RAH+)

Rotary Air Heaters Control System (RAH+)

Product Concept:

  • Diagnostic system for continuous monitoring and adaptive regulation of outlet flue gas temperature in rotary air heaters
  • Based on continuous monitoring of packings temperature and flue gas acid dew point temperature

Customer Needs:

  • Reduce plant operational costs related to corrosion
  • Increase plant efficiency

Main Milestones:

  • Control system defined: March 2012
  • Industrial integration: December 2012
  • Monitoring and continuous development: October 2013

Unique Selling Proposition:

  • Increase 1% boiler efficiency
  • Eliminate risk of component corrosion due to acid condensation from the gas

Project Coordinantion and Management:

Sylwester Kalisz


  • Companies that operate boilers equipped with rotating air heaters (power plants, CHP plants)
  • Factories that intend to utilize heat of exhausting gases emitted during production processes