Energy Efficiency in Industry

New solutions to overcome barriers and implement energy efficiency measures in industry.

LHI-EE - Energy Efficiency in Industry

LHI-EE – Energy Efficiency in Industry

Overall Status:

  • Intelligent Energy Management System for Industry expected in December 2014
  • Control system for rotary air heaters: December 2013
  • Testing of solar collector C-110: October 2013

Project Coordinaton and Management:

Jesús Castro

Project Consortium:

Product: iEMS

  • Cloud-based software featuring:
  • Automatic forecast and prognosis
  • Full supervision and diagnosis
  • Support for predictive maintenance
  • Energy, economic and operational automatic optimization
  • Adaptable solution for different customer needs

Product: RAH+

  • Diagnostic system for continuous monitoring and adaptive regulation of outlet flue gas temperature in rotary air heaters
  • Based on continuous monitoring of packings temperature and flue gas acid dew point temperature

Product: Thermal Collector

Solar Thermal Collector C-110

  • Flat plate solar thermal collector using transparent insulation plastic materials
  • Max. operational temperature:110ºC
  • Overheating protection: ventilation channel natural convection driven