Active Substations

Active Substations (KIC-ASS)

Active Substations (KIC-ASS)

To cope with the new technical and regulatory challenges, distribution substations should take an active role in the energy management and fault recovery of a smart grid. With active substations we can obtain more information on the operational state of the distribution grid, thus allowing for faster diagnostics, faster resolution of faults and in general greater control of said grid. They also make it possible to integrate many more distributed renewable energy sources and electric vehicles than is the case right now. With ARGUS we work on the development of a new and active distribution substation concept.

Overall Status:

Project in process to be prolonged into 2015

Project Consortium:


  1. Low-cost Acoustic PD Detection System
  2. Assessment of Transducers used in Distribution Systems
  3. Automatic Calibration for Contact-less MV Voltage Measurement Device
  4. Contact-Less MV Voltage Measurement Device
  5. Directional-Intelligent Fault Passage Indicator
  6. Frequency characteristics of power distribution system
  7. Analysis Algorithms and Automation and Control (SuperRTU)