VIB Studio

Current and vibration analysis for preventive and predictive condition based maintenance in offshore wind farms


Provide a complete and stand-alone diagnostic center for wind farms.

Overall Status:

  • Commercial product available
  • Embedded system development is completed (hardware and software) in a first version. Work will be continued on:
  • Tests on a specific test bench in CETIM
  • Tests on wind turbines in VALEMO farm
  • Advanced algorithm integration
  • Remote diagnostic monitoring part of the system (diagnostic center)

Main Milestones:

  • March 14: Presentation of first version in EWEA trade fair, Barcelona
  • December 14: Final product

Project Coordinaton and Management:

Nadine Martin

Tomasz Barszcz

Project Consortium:

Product: VIBstudio Wind

  • Identify early symptoms of damage
  • Optimise maintenance schedules
  • Improve turbine availability
  • Reduce failures and downtime
  • Increase lifetime of turbine assets
  • Improve diagnostics and prognostics