The Need

Because of a steadily growing density of the world electric power net, a huge market and high market competition, there is no tendency to produce and sell low quality insulators to create higher market demands.  On the opposite, the quality factor is now extremely important in the competition due to higher requirements on the performance and reliability of the power lines with higher voltages and the worsening of environmental effects at the same time.

The Solution

The objective IncoTrans project is to develop thin protective coatings on insulator surfaces which will prevent the deteriorating effect of corona flashovers/arcs on insulator components in transmission systems.
In some cases, the application of such protective coating can also allow a lower quality of the substrate material while preserving the high-voltage insulation and chemical/ mechanical resistance to the harsh environments of the coated components.

Overall Status

Project Execution

Project Coordination and Management

Hana Barankova

Project Consortium