– Innovative Sensor for Material Ageing and Radiation Testing –

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The need

More efficient and more precise instrumentation for radiation measurement is needed in many sectors: nuclear safety, oil and gas prospection, medical applications, homeland security.

In the nuclear industry, there is a need for selective and simultaneous detection of both fast and thermal neutron flux as well as gamma radiations operating at elevated temperatures. Nowadays, it constitutes a real instrumentation challenge for the nuclear safety. The main limitations of existing technologies are their low capacity to withstand harsh temperature and radiation conditions.
In the oil and gas prospection industry, neutron measurement helps delineate oil and gas producing zones along with providing the porosity of the formation. In most cases, He3 is used for its high sensitivity and its resistance to high temperatures. Due to the shortage of He3, players are actively looking for an alternative.

The solution

The I SMART project aims at:
• replacing current neutron detection based on He3, due to future lack of He3
• demonstrating a new type of integrated intelligent system for selective monitoring of high radiation levels in harsh conditions using Silicon Carbide Technology
• improving accuracy and predictive knowledge of nuclear reactor core behaviour (safety improvement)
• easily implementing the detector into an existing detection system

The new innovative product is a complete system including a Silicon Carbide detector, driving electronics and data processing for selective both fast and thermal neutron as well as gamma detection in harsh conditions:
• temperature above 500 °C
• n‐flux up to 1.1015 cm‐2.s‐1
• γ‐heating below 20 W/g
• displacement per atom below 16 dpa/y

Overall Status

Project completed (2011-2014)

Project Coordination and Management

Abdallah LYOUSSI (project manager)
Tel.: +33 (0)4 42 25 75 88

Project Consortium