Hydroelectric Mechanical Energy Storage

The Need

Production is the overall dominating factor in the profitability of hydropower plants and loss of production is the highest “cost” for hydropower owners. Main customer need in hydropower industry is to ensure the availability and reliability of hydropower plants and avoid production losses.

The Solution

This project aims at developing a Magnetic Thrust Bearing (MTB), which will enable hydro-power and pumped storage plants to enhance the efficiency and reliability of their operations.
The Magnetic Trust Bearing offers a range of distinct values to the customer:

  • Increase in production due to decrease in bearing losses and extended operational areas
  • Increase in availability and service life and decreasing maintenance costs
  • Increased regulation abilities/adaptation for the new power system
  • Change to oil‐free system in the mechanical trust bearing

Overall Status

Project Completed

Project Coordination and Management

Ulf Westerlund


Project Consortium