– Hydrogen Storage Solutions –


The need

Energy storage technologies are crucial for achieving the European climate energy objectives and the transition to a low-carbon energy mix. Hydrogen is a key vector for energy storage. It makes the integration of renewable energies easier by converting the excess of electricity production into chemical energy. It also offers a promising solution to CO2-free transportation. However, the development of hydrogen storage faces two challenges: cost and safety.

The solution

The objectives of HyCUBE project are to launch on the market three innovative solutions for hydrogen storage which address both cost and safety issues:
• a commercial high pressure tank for vehicles
• an hydride storage for stationary application connected with renewable energy production
• an hybrid hydride storage and pressure vessel with the development of a prototype for heavy machines such as airport ground services equipment and lifting machines

Overall Status

Project completed (2011-2013)

Project Coordination and Management

Olivier Perrier
Tel.: +33 2 37 33 30 40

Project Consortium