High Pressure tank for HydrOgeN storagE

To cope with demand, the HIPHONE project aims at developing and homologating a European high pressure hydrogen tank for the automotive market in accordance with the specific requirements of car manufacturers and the EC79/2009 regulation.

The need

Today, transportation is considered as a major source of pollution and the automotive industry is developing solutions to decrease CO2 emissions. The most important challenge is to replace the ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) cars using fossil energy, by Electric Vehicle (EV) to tackle the ecological and economic issues.

Although battery or hybrid vehicles exist, they are not completely efficient due to their limited range and power, preventing their use for certain applications.

Hence, hydrogen energy is considered as an innovative solution and will definitively gain market shares because all car manufacturers are looking for type IV (the lighter solution today) composite tanks with plastic liner and carbon composite shell in order to store gaseous H2 at 700 bars.

The solution

The H2 composite tank will be in compliance with several needs:

  1. The technical performance specified by the car manufacturer (volume of H2, space available in the chassis (diameter, length), weight, life duration …)
  2. Safety certification (pressure, safety factor, leakage, resistance to multiple aggressions: fire, fall, bullet impact …) in accordance with the EC79/200 regulation.
  3. A cost effective system in comparison with existing solutions, meaning that the tank shall meet the car manufacturer’s economic specifications.

Overall Status:

Ongoing project (ends in 2018)

Project Coordination and Management:

Olivier PERRIER (project manager)


+ 33 (0)2 37 33 30 40

Project Consortium: