High Power Converter Auxiliary Power Supply

The Need

Presently VSC HVDC and STATCOM installations utilize insulated gate bipolar transistors (IGBTs) as the main switches. A recent project at KTH has established that another main semiconductor switch, the integrated gate commutated thyristor (IGCT), is superior from the power loss perspective. This translates to significant life cycle cost (LCC) reductions for the end customer (usually a TSO) as power losses represent a significant portion of the LCC for an HVDC or STATCOM.

The Solution

The product developed is a small, but critical part of a much larger system (HVDC station). There are presently no IGCT-based VSC HVDC installations and according to publicly known information.

The project aims at providing a cost effective auxiliary power supply for high‐power converter cells. The benefits to the end customer:

  • Lower life‐cycle cost, thanks to thanks to reduced power losses during operation
  • Longer planned maintenance intervals, due to less probability of unplanned outages

Overall Status

Project Completed

Project Coordination and Management

Andrei Blinov

Project Consortium