Product: GasQMeter

The challenge

With gas market liberalisation, gas properties vary frequently due to mixing of gases and injections of biogases. This will effect domestic, commercial and industrial gas applications and creates a need for continuous measurement of gas qualities.

The Solution

The GasQ-meter is a low-cost measuring instrument for realtime mesuring of quality characteristics of natural gas.

Key Features

The improved camelina planting seed features:

  • determination of exact content of major components CO2 and hydrocarbons
  • express real-time control in continuous mode
  • flexible instalation into existing measuring cabinets/sampling units
  • reliable measurement of key quality parameters of natural gases: calorific value and Wobbe index

The value

  • Comparably simple technical implementation/cuatomisation/repairs
  • low operation and maintenance costs
  • lower price tag fpr backup/redundancy analyser
  • no need of specifically qualified personnel
  • portable and customizable implementation

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