Long life interconnected smart battery system for off-grid applications

The Need

The FOGA project evolves around solving a key problem of local power generation in applications where connection to the electrical grid is limited, impossible or unprofitable.

The Solution

The scope of the FOGA project is to develop battery solution which provides flexible and modular energy storage system that enables broad adoption of renewable energy technology such as wind turbines or solar panels, suited for a street lamp, road sign, household or a small business. The major goal of FOGA is to introduce into the market an unique, off-grid solution based on battery system and renewable energy. The high level battery management system (BMS) with implemented balancing and predictive algorithm shall additionally extend the battery lifetime to 5000 cycles (15 years). The implementation of solar panel and long lifetime batteries with up to 5000 cycles makes FOGA eco-friendly and cost-efficient.

Overall Status

Project Completed

Project Coordination and Management


Project Consortium