– Novel Cost Effective Energy Storage Solution for Renewable Integration and Infrastructure Deferral –


At the beginning of year 2012, AREVA SE detected a high potential and innovative technology in the flow batteries and launched detailed assessment of the concept proposed by the start-up EnStorage.

AREVA SE and EnStorage signed a collaboration agreement to develop, based on EnStorage’s core stack, a competitive storage product that can address the market with better performance and lower capex versus current solutions.

The objective of this FLOWBOX project is to evaluate a new “Flow battery” technology and to prove its ability to reach the market target. The validation is focused on the technical feasibility (both power scale up and safety) as well as the economic feasibility.

Overall Status

Ongoing project – Duration: 3 years (April 2014-April 2017)

Project Coordination and Management

Mrs Lucile VOIRON, Project Manager
Phone: + 33 4 42 9047 60

Project Consortium

The participating institutions are a mix of industries and research organisations: