The need

The following customer needs have been detected:

  • Inexistence of adequate PV streetlights for retrofitting.
  • Costs reduction (logistics, operational; costs reduction in purchasing and installation in comparison with standard solar streetlights).
  • Excellent performance.
  • Adaptation to the increasingly restrictive legal and environmental requirements.
  • Inconspicuousness and compactness; better acceptance and less components vandalism.
  • Fulfil SMART CITY requirements.

The solution

FASCOM is an advanced concept of solar streetlight.  Its main technical features are:

  • Compact dome-shaped design, in which a lightweight composite based PV module works as the shell itself, avoiding separated parts in the LED luminaire (non-aesthetic). It also opens the gates of the streetlight retrofitting market.
  • Thin-film CIGS solar cells, based on an innovative and flexible interconnection system, allowing to electrical customize the PV module design and adapt it to the desired needs with a competitive cost of production.
  • PV module designed to function regardless of the orientation, thanks to its domed shape.
  • Maximum power point tracking (MPPT) algorithms for optimal PV output in non-planar surfaces.
  • Bidirectional micro inverter and charge controller for dual performance: energy storage/grid connection.
  • Integrated communications and software application for remote management of the streetlight.
  • Flexible power supply mode due to the possibility of feeding the luminaire by means of 3 different sources: (1) domed PV module which is part of the streetlight, (2) associated battery and (3) the electrical grid.

 Overall Status:

  • Prototype under testing
  • Installation of pilot series

Project Coordination and Management:

Eduardo Román


Alessandro Caviasca


Project Consortium: