Product: Smart Charging Adapter

Product Concept:

This product is to be used when charging an electric vehicle via a standard wall socket. It will lower the investment costs for deploying charging points in a city.

Customer Needs:

Fundamental changes in transport systems are needed to make the electrification of transport happen while respecting citizens mobility needs. A charging infrastructure for electric vehicles will be one those new systems that will need to be deployed in cities.

EV City addresses the need a city has w.r.t. the introduction of e-mobility. Cities lack knowledge on specification elements and the size/amount of the charging infrastructure that is required to support a certain level of electric vehicles.

Unique Selling Proposition:

Cities & communities: lower level of investments in public charging infrastructure, increase the attractiveness of electric vehicles in their city.

Fleet owners & operators: lower level of investments in private charging infrastructure, lower operational costs


Cities who want to support EVs

Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment Operators

Peak Shaving Service

Peak Shaving Service uses the Smart Charging Adapter and enables a reduction of the peak load caused by simultaneous charging of multiple EVs.

Guideline for cities and all stakeholders

This guideline for cities and all stakeholders involved in the roll-out of electric vehicles and supporting infrastructure describes the market roles and business opportunities for new products/services in this mobility and, partly regulated, energy market. For cities, the guideline will give information on the practical aspects when installing charging infrastructure and on some relating regulations aspects.