Product: Guideline for cities and all stakeholders

Product Concept:

This guideline for cities and all stakeholders involved in the roll-out of electric vehicles and supporting infrastructure describes the market roles and business opportunities for new products/services in this mobility and, partly regulated, energy market. For cities, the guideline will give information on the practical aspects when installing charging infrastructure and on some relating regulations aspects.

Customer Needs:

The growth of cities all over the world brings an increased presence of vehicles with internal combustion engines. Next to an increased level of GHG emissions, an increased level of unhealthy emissions (like NOx, PM, SO2) has a negative impact on the “quality of life” of the citizens.  Reducing the emissions from burning fossil fuels in cities and urbanized areas is therefore high on the agenda of mayors.  Electrification of road transport is seen as a very important element in the transition towards zero local emissions.  For cities it is not easy to determine what and how much is needed to support this transition. The challenge is to find the most appropriate path towards electrified transport in cities and to identify the necessary investments (e.g. in charging infrastructure) along this path.

Unique Selling Proposition:

Lower level of investments in public charging infrastructure increase the attractiveness of electric vehicles in the city