Electrical Energy Storage Device for Cold Stores  


Electrical Energy Storage Device for Cold Stores (Estore)

Electrical Energy Storage Device for Cold Stores (Estore)

The EStore project develops a controller for refrigeration systems, that will add flexibility to the grid, in the form of an optimum reaction to electricity market pricing or in the form of a fast demand response. The product (hardware with embedded software) provided by EStore, controls the electrical energy demand of a refrigeration system based on electricity market inputs, while respecting the temperature limits required by the refrigerated products. In this way the surplus of renewable electricity can be used for lowering the temperature of the warehouse, thus leading to lower energy costs for the warehouse owner and useful exploitation of excess electricity.

Overall Status:

Project Execution

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Aart de Geus

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Product: Estore

  • Smart demand response
  • Optimise energy consumption
  • Reduce cold-storage overheads
  • Guarantee compliant refrigeration
  • Improve grid load balancing
  • Enable greater renewable generation