Load Current Commutation and Interruption by Electromechanical Switches and Power Electronics

ESPEThe Need

Currently the installations of solar and wind power are rapidly increasing. Since these energy sources have an inherent stochastic behavior, they are likely to generate instabilities in the grid though causing misbalances between power production and consumption. Another challenge is to be able to transport the energy long distance with minimum transmission losses. An attractive solution to these issues is to use multi-terminal HVDC grids. This, however, introduces a need of faster and more controllable components in the grid such as mechanical switches in HVDC breakers.

The Solution

This project aims at developing a faster and more controllable mechanical switch for HVDC breakers in multi-terminal HVDC grids. It will have higher opening speeds and shorter opening times than for existing technologies such that it can function as an ultra-fast bypass switch that commutates the load current to a power electronic circuitry with power absorbing components.

Overall Status

Project Completed

Project Coordination and Management

Göran Engdahl

Project Consortium