Product: Energy Supply Cooperative

Product Concept:

The project Energy Supply Cooperative (ESC) is aimed at developing energy-autarkic, environmentally friendly residential quarters. A large part of the required energy will be provided by photovoltaic systems within the quarters, the energy consumption is reduced to a minimum by modern passive house technology. A maximal self-usage of photovoltaic energy is achieved by heat pumps with hot water storages and intelligent load shifting within the quarter. Additionally, socio-economic effects of energy consumption are analysed and opportunities for load reduction and shifting are derived. Electricity that cannot be covered by own production is obtained from an external energy supplier. In the micro-grid, an intelligent energy management using PowerMatcher ensures the optimal interaction between local energy supply and demand. In the end, the aimed innovations shall remain affordable for households with average incomes.

Customer Needs:

With ESC, house owners don’t have to be dependent on fossil energy and its related problems of abundance and cost. Instead, the house owners become owners of energy generating equipment and produce their primary energy demand from photovoltaic (PV).

Unique Selling Proposition:

ESC will for the first time couple cooperative behaviour of residents with intelligent technical solutions. It will prove that close to zero emission living is feasible even for a low to mid income population.



Property developers that develop residential quarters for low and mid income households