Energy Supply Cooperative

Renewable, self-sufficient energy supply for residential communities


Five houses connected to a central PowerMatcher and external energy supplier

Energy Supply cooperative – ESC

Energy Supply Cooperative (ESC) is aimed at developing energy-autarkic, environmentally friendly residential quarters. Photovoltaic systems within the quarters provide a large part of the required energy and passive house technology reduces the energy consumption to a minimum. Heat pumps with hot water storage and intelligent load shifting within the quarter arrange for a maximal self-usage of photovoltaic energy. Additionally, ESC analyses the socio-economic effects of energy consumption and derives the opportunities for load reduction and shifting . Electricity that cannot be covered by own production is obtained from an external energy supplier. In the micro-grid, an intelligent energy management using PowerMatcher, ensures the optimal interaction between local energy supply and demand. In the end, the aimed innovations shall remain affordable for households with average incomes.

Overall Status

Project finished in 2015

Project Consortium:


The main product is the innovated residential quarter.
Further products are:

  • A new and innovative automation and control of the energy production and consumption that minimizes coupling requirements to the external grid
  • new concept and realization of a low cost micro grid
  • business model based on the residents being shareholders and contributing to the achievement of overall systems efficiency, regulations and incentives to promote energetic and cost optimization of the quarter
  • New systems to produce the energy required at the site for heating, hot water, and household electricity within the district

These products are closely related to the residential quarter and details are being developed.