Solar wafer epitaxial growth technology to increase efficiency of solar cell manufacturing

The need:

Crystalline silicon technologies dominate the photovoltaic market. The module cost breakdown shows that 462_JG_0166approximately 40% of the module cost is associated with the wafer cost. The PV industry is demanding further cost reductions. However, the current manufacturing processes for mono crystalline silicon wafers and economies of scale have exhausted its ability to further take down the cost of the wafers substantially.


The solution

NEXWAFE’s kerfless wafer technology hits the sweet spot of the PV industry needs by combining a true drop-in replacement for costly Cz silicon wafers with a high cost reduction potential:


  • Providing a drop-in replacement of Cz wafers guarantees an easy use in existing solar cell and module production lines.
  • High quality n-type silicon wafers enable solar cell manufacturers to produce high solar cell efficiencies.
  • Higher average cell efficiency by supplying wafers with a narrow quality distribution and full square wafers.
  • Unbeatable wafer costs by minimising energy and material consumption and improving capital efficiency creating a high cost reduction potential which actively contributes to the photovoltaic energy competitiveness.


Project coordination and management

Frank Siebke



Project consortium


Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems

ISC Konstanz


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