CIGS thin film panels

CIGS thin film panels

The need

The main needs of thin film CIGS PV manufacturers to be competitive in the current PV market are:

  • Increase the module output through a higher conversion efficiency.
  • Reduction in module manufacturing costs through higher production yield.
  • Reduce balance of system costs (racking, mechanical and electrical installation).
  • Ability to address market segments which are less accessible for wafer-based technology.

The solution

The back-end interconnection system will be developed for thin films CIGS with the following characteristics: 10% higher product quality at 20% lower costs in standard production, and increased added value by product customisation.

Improved product quality:

  • Reduction of dead zone by reduced misalignment.
  • Printed fingers to enhance charge collection combined with higher TCO transmission.

Reduces costs:

  • Increasing the production yield.
  • Enabling less costly CIGS manufacturing processes.

 Overall Status:

  • Process development: WP2 development of inks and ECD materials.

Project Coordination and Management:

Andre Schilt


Project Consortium: