The modular battery system for electric buses

The Need

The battery systems for electric buses are currently too expensive to compete with Diesel engines. Also, they do not respond to the wide range of requirements of bus operators. The customers are looking for a long-term and broad cooperation with their suppliers. For economic reasons they prefer to work with one, rather than several different suppliers who is normally linked to only one type of cells. The product to be developed will allow the manufacturer to work with one battery supplier offering a tailor-made product but in a standardized box.


The Solution

The objective of E-bus battery project is the development of a modular battery system capable of using new types of cells of different chemistry for applications in the public transport sector and for re-use in stationary applications.

The modular battery system will consist of several battery modules with a capacity of 30 to 60 kWh. The basic battery blocks will be developed in three versions, basing on cells with three different chemical compositions: NCM/HC (long life), NCM/Ni (low price) and LTO (high power, possibility of frequent and quick recharging), but in the same casing and with the same BMS (Battery Management System). The battery blocks will be interchangeable which will allow for obtaining the solution optimal for the requirements set by the given operator.


Overall Status

Project execution


Project Coordination and Management

Filip Jankun

Katarzyna Kozłowska


Project Consortium