Dwelling Climate Control System (DCCS)

Automation and control system for existing and new dwellings to optimise the complete energy system

The Need

Modern houses are equipped with an ever increasing amount of technical installations for heating, cooling and ventilation. The energy consumption of these can be signifanctly reduced by incorporating smart control. A diagnostics service is called for, to ensure that the appliances are performing as expected and to avoid unnecessary losses in control performance.

The Solution

DCCS-schemeThe DCCS project develops an affordable, easy-to-use, integral climate control system for dwellings, using an advanced new internet service functionality. It is DCCS’ goal to automate and control the different heating/cooling/ventilation systems until an optimal energy consumption has been reached, while maintaining the required comfort level.

DCCS addresses holiday parks, housing corporations, tenants and home owners. The DCCS monitoring system will control whether measures are effective and give insight in the system’s performance.-

Overall Status

Project execution

Project Consortium