Deep Green deployment in Strangford Lough

The need

The ocean is one of the least exploited, yet at the same time, largest renewable energy source on Earth. Tidal and ocean currents remains a substantial advantage over other renewable sources; they are rich in energy, timeless, predictable, reliable and it exists across the globe. The marine energy industry, focusing on wave and tidal, experienced a breakthrough in 2010. Thousands of megawatts have been announced for installation and financed in the UK, China, India and Canada. The tidal energy technologies available today, i.e. first generation, are designed for high speed locations. This related to areas with current velocity higher than 2.4 m/s. These sites contain massive amounts of energy, but their geographical footprints are limited and due to the storng water currents, the sites are difficult to operate in. In general, all other sea users avoid these areas due to the harsh and unfriendly work environment.

The solution

DeepGreen500´s technology converts renewable energy from tidal and ocean currents into electricity via a novel principle, somewhat similar to the posture of a wind kite. The kite assembly, consisting of a wing and turbine, is attached by a tether to a fixed point on the ocean bed. As water flows over the wing, the water current creates a lift force on the wing that pushes the kite forward. The kite is steered in a 8-shaped trajectory by a rudder and reaches a speed 10 times that of the water´s. As the kite moves, water flows through the turbine and electricity is produced in a gearless generator.

DeepGreen500 offers a solution for harvesting energy from tidal and ocean currents, in harmony with marine eco system, with a low average cost of energy (COE). Also, DeepGreen500 offers a unique site access by leveraging low velocity tides with higher availability, providing great commercial potential in much wider geographical locations. Finally, it makes it possible for customers to diversify their green energy portfolio while reducing their cost of energy.

Overall Status:

The Deep Green ocean – 1:4 scale – have been installed for 32 months and is operating according to plan. Minesto (one of DeepGreen500´s project partners) sees an improvement opportunity regarding performance on turbine and hydrodynamic.

Project Coordination and Management:

Björn Häggendal

Project Manager


Project Consortium: