Demonstration of efficient Biomass Use for Generation of Green Energy and Recovery of Nutrients


The need

High humidity biomass waste flows – farmyard manure, digestion residues and sewage sludge – are spread as fertilizers on cropland in the vicinity of livestock farms where they are produced. The efficient and safe exploitation of the nutrient and energy value of excrements is mainly hampered by their high moisture content, usually exceeding 90%, and the presence of pathogens and inorganic pollutants. The highly relevant energy and nutrient potential of manure and digestion residues is currently only recovered to a very limited extent because of the technological drawbacks.

The solution

With the technologies delivered by the DeBugger project, most of the before mentioned waste materials could be used for energy generation and phosphate recovery, adding potentially thousands of GWhs of energy from biomass to European grids. In addition, excessive application of organic fertilizers in the vicinity of livestock farms would stop and, as a consequence, eutrophication of inland and coastal waters could be abated. The first innovative product is the closed loop steam dryer for biomass slurries that may alone save up to 75% of the average energy required to evaporate water from biomass slurries and sludge. The second innovation is the Dual Circulating Fluidized Bed (DCFB) Gasifier used for thermal gasification of the dry substrate.

Overall Status:

Ongoing project (duration: 2013-2015)

Project Coordination and Management:

Ludwig Hermann (project manager)
Tel.: +49 6171 9693 – 379

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