A CAD-tool for proactive cyber security management

The Need

The electric power industry is increasingly dependent on Information and Communication Technology (ICT), especially with the development of smart grids. The fact that ICT system becomes larger and more complex with many interdependencies between the ICT components, brings a growing and new threat to the power industry in terms of cyber security. It is thus a key that the ICT infrastructure is designed with high cyber-attack resilience.

The Solution

The purpose of this project is to develop the CAD-tool for proactive cyber security management into a market product. The state-of-the-art product, securiCAD, is an expert-validated system that provides a holistic, predictive assessment of planned and existing IT architectures. It helps improve the security within utilities as well as in other industries by helping companies understand their current cyber security level across the IT network; prioritize areas to address and cyber security investments to pursue; and proactively manage cyber security when building or changing IT networks.


Project Coordination and Management

Joakim Nydren

Project Consortium

Product: securiCAD®

Protecting critical infrastructure against cyber-attack

  • Cost-effective cyber security
  • Objective, quantifiable results
  • Protect current infrastructure
  • Prevent future cyber-attacks
  • Prioritise security investment
  • Avoid financial and reputational loss