Camera-based Optimization of Multi-Fuel Burners


The need


COMFEB – Camera-based Optimization of Multi-Fuel Burners

More and more so-called multi-fuel burners are employed in thermal processes like the cement industry. In addition to regular fuels such as coal and oil, multi-fuel burners allow for the burning of low-rank fuels of biogenic and fossil origin. The usage of these low-rank fuels makes a cost-saving and CO2-reduced energy generation possible for various applications from the chemical industry to power plants. The varying fuel compositions associated with the use of widely varying low rank fuel compositions require an appropriate process control for the permanent adjustment of burner parameters to support an optimal incineration. Such a process control demands a detailed knowledge of the current process state – the combustion behaviour – which cannot be acquired adequately with existing measurement systems.

The solution

The use of new camera systems in conjunction with powerful image processing systems opens a new perspective to derive new parameters useable for the process optimization. Thus, there is the possibility to analyse different fuel combinations dissolved in time and place, in different spectral ranges and in real-time and therefrom to calculate characteristic image-based parameters. These new parameters describe the current combustion state in detail and allow optimizing the burner control. In addition, abrasion caused burner shifts and changes in the fuel supply chain are detectable in real-time in order to initiate appropriate countermeasures.

Overall Status:

Ongoing project (duration: 2014-2017)

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Holger Schönecker (project manager)
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