Combined heat & power for fast charging stations

The Need

The availability of recharging stations is not only a technical prerequisite for the functioning of electric vehicles, but also one of the most critical components of consumer acceptance. European Commission has proposed a minimum number of recharging points for each Member State based on the number of electric vehicles by 2020. However, installation costs of fast charging stations are very dependent on distribution network characteristics, and can be very high in case the network in congested (urban areas), weak networks  (rural areas), or those places where the grid is not available.

The Solution
In this project a new concept of fast charging stations based on CHP technology is proposed, reducing the grid-dependence of fast charging stations and increasing energy efficiency of the solution. This technology provides CAPEX and OPEX reduction of fast charging stations in those places where the grid extension or the grid reinforcement is highly costing and there is also an existing demand for thermal energy. Moreover, the solution improves the energy efficiency of standard solution.cofast-low-res


Overall Status

Project Execution

Project Coordination and Management

Milagros Rey Porto

Project Consortium