Compressed natural gas home refueling station

The objective of CNGHRS project is to design, prove, advance, test and implement in the real world working environment refueling solution for Natural Gas Vehicles (NGV) – Home Refueling Appliance/Station (HRA/S) in order to obtain the finished, ready to «market roll-out» product (HRA/S”HYGEN”) that is certified, supported by strong IP, ready to be mass produced by production partners and commercialized with contribution of strategic alliance partners.

Despite all global economic shifts and the fact that Natural Gas is recognized worldwide as the main and the leading alternative to oil products in transportation sector, there is a huge barrier to switch passenger vehicle segment to Natural gas – the  lack of refueling infrastructure for Natural Gas Vehicles. While investments in public gas stations require established NGV market in order to be cost effective, the market is not there due to lack of refueling stations. HYGEN is solving that problem providing barrier breaking refueling infrastructure solution for Natural Gas Vehicles (NGV) – Home Refueling Station. It operates using Natural Gas (Methane), which is being provided  through gas pipelines at clients home, and electricity connection point. It enables an environmentally friendly NGV’s home refueling just in minutes. More than efficiency and convenience, the proprietary patented direct hydraulic compressor technology provides compelling cost and lifetime advantages as well as superior convenience over other solutions. It is the last missing key element for existing natural gas pipeline infrastructure to become the largest vehicle refueling infrastructure on earth. Through our patented technology and innovative business model we will solve industry chicken and egg problem and make NGV available for masses.

Overall Status: 

Finalized production prototype for certification, external party lab and field evaluation.

Project Coordinaton and Management:

Project Manager: Robert Strods

Project Consortium:

Project Products:

Designing, proving, advancing, testing, implementing and piloting the refueling solution for Natural Gas Vehicles (NGV) – Home Refueling Appliance/Station for Compressed Natural Gas (CNG).