Product: BIMsolar

Product information sheet

The challenge

Optimising the use of Product: BIMsolar in building design and construction

As more photovoltaic (PV) developers, engineers, building developers and property owners recognise the huge potential for energy savings offered by innovative new building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV), interest is growing fast.

However, current modelling tools struggle to calculate the performance of a BIPV system; understand its impact on a building’s energy performance; ensure regulatory compliance of innovative BIPV products; and collaborate with partners.

EnerBIM has developed Product: BIMsolar, a building information modelling (BIM) platform that overcomes these challenges, and encourages greater use of BIPV in residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

The solution

Simulation and collaboration platform to empower BIPV stakeholders

Product: BIMsolar from EnerBIM is an integrated software platform that provides easy visualisation of BIPV benefits at a building level. Its 3D modelling and instant simulations of solar power help predict the performance of BIPV and Building Applied Photovoltaics (BAPV) products, their overall impact on a building’s energy performance and comfort, and likely return on investment.

Product: BIMsolar is available on a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) basis. Standard services, including solar PV simulation are available free, while premium services will attract a fee. All subscribers gain an online collaborative space in which they can share projects, find solutions and partners, and showcase their references with potential partners in real time.

Key features

The Product: the BIMsolar software platform supports market participants across the BIPV value chain with
the following features:

  • Simulations that model the building-related aspects of PV design and installation for better understanding of the impact of BIPV
  • A library of standardised BIPV products, their properties and preferred use-cases for quick and easy reference
  • Regulatory checks to ensure proposed BIPV projects meet relevant energy-related legislation
  • An online collaboration space with a real-time 3D viewer for sharing projects, discovering partners and finding products and solutions
  • An easily deployed SaaS platform connected to CAD networks that is available on a two-tier, ‘freemium’ pricing model

The value

Enhanced market structure and support across entire BIPV value chain

For architects and product designers, BIMsolar helps match solutions to projects, saving time and money at the design and development stage, and empowering users to become leaders in sustainable design.

For building owners and property developers, BIMsolar’s decision support provides assurance that the most appropriate BIPV products are installed and will deliver predicted energy and cost savings.

In addition, BIMsolar gives the entire industry ready access to product catalogues, references and showcases, as well as an instant online sales and marketing channel.

Current customers include Spain’s Comsa-Emte Group (TMF), one of the country’s largest companies in the infrastructure, service, engineering and systems sector, as well as Dutch architects and urban planners, Bear Holding BV.