Biocoal for Power Generation

Biocoal for Power Generation

Biocoal for Power Generation

The goal of the project is to implement torrefaction technology for different types of biomass into the energy sector. This technology is dedicated as well as to power plants and small/medium-sized companies. The market for torrefaction of biomass is currently mostly driven by utilities, which are looking for cost effective and secure supply of biomass in order to reduce their CO2 emissions or to increase their share of renewables.

R&D institutions and industrial partners from various European countries declared their interest to cooperate in the project. Such variety of project partners will allow for the effective knowledge and experience exchange regarding the issues of the project.

The result of the cooperation will be innovative technological solutions which will encourage energy sector to increase the use of biomass as a fuel. The rationale for implementation of the project is the need to develop new technologies, production and use of renewable fuels through management of materials such as by-products of plant origin and other waste biomass (including biodegradable waste).

Overall Status: 

Currently the project is undergoing WP0 procedure, i.e. feasibility study.

Project Coordinaton and Management:

Project Manager: Aleksander Sobolewski

Project Consortium:

Project Products:

BioPoGen will deliver the following products and services:

  1. Innovative technological line for torrefied biomass production, co-operating with other equipment – product will be sold in the form of process documentation, which will lead to construction of a commercial production line in the industry.
  2. Reactor for the biomass torrefaction “Auto-Tor-Bioreactor”.
  3. Know-how of second generation pellets production.
  4. Know-how of fuel switches from coal to biomass for an existing power plant.