Building Energy Efficiency Management & Smart Grid Integration Tools

The Need

For hotels and office buildings, the biggest operating cost after salaries is energy. Between 2005 and 2013 these energy costs have suffered a significant increase (+5,7% according to Eurostat) and they will be increasing even more in the years to come. And yet, the energy management in these tertiary buildings is still mostly conducted manually, based on an operator‘s own insights and experience.

The Solution

The future looks very different: it has smart buildings with a holistic approach on (renewable) energy, total cost of operations, customer comfort and sustainability. Within the BEEST project the consortium will develop certain products that contribute significantly towards that overall goal, in the form of applications to fit the already successfully marketed energy management software of DEXMA (DEXCell Energy Manager) and complementing it with functionalities aiming at:
• optimising facility management practices regarding energy use.
• optimising energy purchasing practices.
• accessing benefits of energy market deregulation.


Project Status

Project Execution

Project Management

Angel Paiz Farré

Project Consortium