Product: Phoca Software for smart street lighting

Product Concept:

The prototype software, PhoCa, automates reconfigurations and recalculations of a scene, implied by changes from a designer, while keeping a balance between visualisation features and availability of quantitative photometric data. It was tested with practical cases provided by a grid operator, to determine energy savings for cities and communities. The test showed that it allows for obtaining 5-8% reduction of the power usage.

Customer Needs:

Public lighting consumes a lot of energy: in general 40% to 50% of a city’s total energy budget. Can an intelligent street lighting system for public spaces diminish the energy use and lighting costs of local governments and grid operators, taking into account specific comfort requirements of the end-users? Within Alive and KIC-ing, new software was developed to realise optimised lighting in different public areas such as streets, sidewalks, squares, parks etc, including smart control such as dimming, presence detection … One of the larger challenges to obtain more energy friendly city lighting, is finding the energy efficiency potential of existing and new public lighting installations. These elements should be taken into consideration within the lighting design process:

  1. the required lighting class for each road (ME, CE, … classes; according to EN 13201:2)
  2. the detailed road configuration (road width, spacing, position of the luminary according to the road, actual fixture, actual type of lamp, actual power, mounting heights etc.)
  3. lighting calculations to compare the actual lighting installation with new optimised (energy-efficient) one(s)

Today distribution system operators (abbrev. DSOs) are bumping into several issues when trying to get this input. And the existing software market only supplies a range of tools supporting the lighting design process. Most of them are limited to street-like configurations and none allow for design optimisation toward energy efficient solutions. The high performance software (in terms of low computation times) for photometric computations is the highly demanded tool for the redesign of public lighting towards power consumption reduction. Particularly challenging for Alive and KIC-ing was the preparation of a designer-friendly solution finder, based on accurate photometric computations.

Unique Selling Proposition:

5-8% reduction of the power usage of street lighting


Project is finalised at the end of 2013.



  • Distribution system operators
  • Cities
  • City planners
  • Project developers