Product: WAIFER Energy Service Company Concept

Product Concept:

The Energy service company concept for retrofitting of buildings offers a solution for fast and targeted retrofitting of residential buildings by setting up an innovative business concept with participation of local communities (citizens) but at the same time with a minimum of burden for the end-users (no direct investments, part of the profits go back to the local community, working with low cost and reliable technology/energy suppliers).

Customer Needs:

The potential for energy reduction in the built environment is high. The annual gas consumption of 2.000 m3 of an average dwelling can be reduced by 40% through a typical Energy Service Company package of measures. Nevertheless, the speed of taking adequate energy reduction measures within in the market of existing dwellings is low. For the Netherlands, an investment of over 12 billion Euro is needed to reach a 30% reduction for existing dwellings in the next 10 years. Currently, the investment level is estimated at only 20% of that.

Energy labeling is in development but requires expert input and real consumption data. Tenants or dwelling owners are often not capable to  select, implement, operate and maintain a package of energy reduction measures. End users are facing various periods of inconvenience when renovation actions are planned.

Proper selection of and investing in energy reduction measures for building owners is  often a barrier for improvement of buildings. Hence, the required speed to reach the energy reduction potential in this market is not met. Adequate measures require substantial investments. The level will vary, depending on the specific situation. But the order of magnitude will be in the range from 6.000 up to 10.000 €. End users are not likely to reserve budget for these measures.

A formal (legal) organisation (Energy Service Company) takes the risk for selecting, implementing and maintenance of the measures. The benefits from reduced energy consumption and / or energy production over the contract period and the increased market value of the dwelling will cover the investments needed.

Involvement of stakeholders, especially end-users, is a key element of the concept. For a specific block, in the starting phase, all owners must commit themselves to participation.

Unique Selling Proposition:

WAIFER is a renovation concept for implementing energy conservation measures in existing dwellings in order to structurally reduce annual energy consumption and to improve living comfort.


Project was finalised in 2013.



  • Cities
  • Individual End-users