Product: Intelligent Street Lighting System

Product Concept:

The intelligent street lighting system with presence detection  will be the reliable solution for the smart city to save energy without compromises on safety/comfort levels. Intelligent functionalities of a ISL-systems deliver energy and cost savings.

  • Energy savings: VPO, CLO, DLO
  • Cost savings: LFO
  • Remote Monitoring, optimalisation maintenance & service

Customer Needs:

The city authorities and communities are responsible for providing public services to the city’s residents. The lighting of streets and public areas in cities are one of the most cost intensive obligations they have to fulfill. In the last few years, the cost of street lighting has gone up significantly because of the incremental electrical energy prices. The electricity consumption is also directly connected to CO2 emissions; by decreasing energy consumption the CO2 emission will be decreased as well.

The implementation of technologies for reducing the cost of street lighting is becoming more interesting economically. As a whole these technologies are termed as Intelligent Street Lighting, and their goal is to use a minimum amount of energy to deliver the required lighting for different road types and circumstances.

Within the Alive & KICing project we developed a  (wireless) intelligent streetlight system with VPO, CLO, DLO and LFO. It has been assessed for user acceptance and can be used as a building block in a smart city solutions portfolio. The chosen Intelligent Street Lighting system is ‘LeafNut’.

The Harvard LeafNut system is a complete turnkey solution for all aspects of outdoor lighting, including street lighting. From user interface to server hosting and monitoring, many Local Authorities and Municipalities are already benefiting from the increased flexibility the system provides. In turn, this is leading to reduced carbon emissions, ensuring that the cities are well placed to meet the Carbon Reduction Commitments.

We also added a  presence detection function as an add-on to the existing intelligent smart lighting solution. The SensorNode enables presence detection in the LeafNut system. Adding the value of verification of user acceptance and integration in the city energy planning approach.

Unique Selling Proposition:

  • Use a minimum amount of energy to deliver the required lighting for different road types and circumstances, with an expected reduction in energy consumption of 70%.
  • Replication potential of this concept in the city of Ghent.


Completion of the User Acceptance of the intelligent street lighting system: May 2014.



  • Distribution system operators
  • Cities