Develop a cost effective floating platform concept for offshore wind turbines and determine its business opportunity

The need:


Offshore wind is one of the largest source of renewable energy that the Earth is offering us and that we are not yet exploiting. The issue stands in the difficulties of installing offshore turbines further than some km from the coast because if the great increase in the depth of seabed. The bottom fixed foundation can’t solve the problem, but the floating ones are actually the disruptive concept that will address the problem. Within the AFOSP project researchers have developed an innovative concept.

The solution:

Windcrete is a spar type floating substructure made of concrete that will allow the exploitation of the great potential
of the undisturbed wind blowing on the oceans.

The biggest innovation of the product is the usage of reinforced concrete, instead of the usual steel, that brings several benefits, such as:

  • Raw material economic and well ascertained
  • Low necessity of Operation and Maintenance activities
  • Longer lifespan (>50 years)
  • Easy production process

Overall status:

  • The project has led to the acquisition of the proof of concept in 2014
  • A model has been used in the lab for the numerical simulations and the small scale experiments
  • Three Spanish patents are currently protecting the concept and the installation process
  • A US patent has been certified
  • Currently researching for member of a new consortium that will develop the engineering for full scaled test
  • Future product commercialisation

Project Coordinaton and Management:

Project Manager: Climent Molins

Project Consortium: