Advanced Near Zero Emission Coal Fired Power Plant

The ACoPP project is addressing hard coal and lignite fired power plants with advanced steam conditions, advanced integrated waste heat utilization concepts and an integrated CO2 reduction technologies aiming at near-zero emissions while operating at highest efficiency.

To achieve mentioned targets, the project will exploit advanced technology concepts such as CaO looping, oxyfuel combustion and flue gas conditioning for CO2 capture. Another research topic in the ACoPP project is reduction of costs of production of pure oxygen and OEA, what determines the future of energy technologies based on oxy combustion / gasification.

The project results in delivering ultra-low emission technologies contributing to a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from coal fired power plants, as well as contributing to a reduction of operating costs of power generation utilities.

Overall Status: 

Justification of material performance of the selected materials for USC and oxyfuel conditions is ready, advanced hybrid separation systems for O2/OEA generation for energy application intellectually is protected and ready for marketing, as well as test at laboratory scale and data selection from fields tests have been completed.

Project Coordinaton and Management:

Project Manager: Sylwester Kalisz

Project Consortium:

Project Products:

ACoPP will deliver the following products:

  1. Prototype of highly flexible oxyfuel burner
  2. Two models of oxycombustion boilers: PCB and CFB