Three-dimensional silicon carbide epitaxy material for reliable high-voltage power switching

The need

The silicon power semiconductors used for the past 30 years are reaching the end of their physical limitations, making it hard for them to meet the requirements of today’s power electronic systems. Newer materials such as silicon carbide (SiC) can handle 10-times higher voltages and currents, but the conventional fabrication methods of the silicon industry create defects in the SiC material. This limits the power device design space and reduces the performance, reliability and production yield of SiC devices. The resulting high cost hinders their large-scale implementation in demanding high-power systems.

Power device producers thus have a clear need to achieve high-yield chip production and to design devices with high power density. In addition, system producers need to lower losses to decrease cooling requirements and enable implementation of active power transformers in the distribution grid.


The solution

3DSiC material technology replaces the defect-generating, ion-impla3DSiC-waferntation of conventional fabrication with damage-free, high-quality epitaxial doping in 3D structures (3DSiC®). This increases the level of doping (intentionally introducing impurities into a pure semiconductor to modulate its electrical properties) in deep vertical structures. The end result allows more space to design power devices with higher power ratings and enables devices with higher yields.

Specifically, the 3DSiC power switch device offers a viable high-reliability, high-temperature operation alternative to SiC MOSFET-based switches for 5-20 kV.

The project focuses on fast delivery of device wafers in small series for development and market verification.


Overall Status

Project execution


Project Coordination and Management

Christian Vieider  (Project Manager)

Tel: +46 70 217 1654



Project Consortium


Project Products

  • High Voltage SiC power switch for distribution grid, traction, process industry and other
  • Advanced SiC epi-wafers for high perfomance Medium Voltage power semiconductors