InnoEnergy welcomes China’s National Energy Administration

Chinese National Energy Administration (NEA) delegation led by the Deputy Administrator Li Fanrong was recently welcomed at the Swedish office. As part of a visit to Sweden, in cooperation with the Swedish Ministry of Environment and Energy, the Chinese institution intended to find out more about how InnoEnergy empowers Europe’s sustainable energy future.

Established in March 2008, NEA is responsible for developing policy instruments, standards, laws and regulations. It is therefore one of the key players shaping China’s energy system. The Chinese institution also promotes international cooperation on energy-related issues, and visited Sweden for that purpose on 16-17 October 2017.

Kenneth Johansson, CEO at InnoEnergy Scandinavia, hosted and conducted a presentation on InnoEnergy and its goals to reduce environmental impact while nurturing commercial growth through innovation. He also highlighted InnoEnergy’s rich network of partners, experts and innovative technologies across Europe’s clean energy ecosystem – a source of inspiration to reach the climate and energy targets set by the Chinese government.

One of China’s greatest challenges is indeed the transition to a more sustainable energy system, still heavily dependent on fossil fuels. This has led to ambitious cleantech plans with increased regulations and a large focus on alternative sources.

Kenneth Johansson, InnoEnergy Scandinavia ; Li Fanrong, NEA ; Henrik Båge, Phoenix BioPower

“China is increasingly interested in Swedish cleantech solutions. The cooperation between our countries creates opportunities for the start-ups and projects we support to export their products and knowledge to China”, says Kenneth Johansson. “We see an opportunity for InnoEnergy to act as potential provider of carefully selected sustainable technology innovations to support China’s transition towards a cleaner energy system. I am honoured to present our work to China’s National Energy Administration today.”



The Chinese delegation demonstrated clear enthusiasm in relation to InnoEnergy’s critical role in supporting clean energy innovation and young pioneering cleantech companies. InnoEnergy’s supported start-up Phoenix BioPower also joined the meeting and presented their solution that converts biomass to power at twice the efficiency of conventional plants.

With immediate positive feedback, the visit enabled the identification of areas of mutual interest. The strong cooperation between China and Sweden – as well as other European countries – could very well facilitate direct involvements in demonstration projects and the export of new technologies.