InnoEnergy Master’s School Graduation Ceremony

dsc_4465The InnoEnergy Master’s School graduation day on 2 December at UPC in Barcelona saw over 75 students from five different programmes mark the successful end of their studies. Surrounded by faculty, representatives of InnoEnergy and their close family and friends, the day was a mix of festivity, inspiration, and clear signposts to future achievement on a global scale.

The day was hosted by IE’s Iberia Education Officer Josep Bordonau who kept proceedings moving with a light touch. UPC representatives (Vice-Director Lukas van Wunnik and Vice-Rector for International Relations Lourdes Reig) showed support for InnoEnergy’s programmes, both their collaborative style and their potential for future change.

Graduating not only with honour but enthusiasm

First, a short video montage showed some of the students’ favourite memories, equally divided between study, achievement and the strength of the networks they had built over the last two years. As the audience clapped along to the music, the tone for the day was set: celebration, fun and laughter, and looking towards an exciting future.

dsc_3419Krzysztof Pikoń, director for the Clean Fossil and Alternative Fuels Energy programme, highlighted the need for better use of fossil fuels as a transitional stepping stone to renewable resources, taking a cue from Steve Jobs and urging graduates to be “foolish” enough to look past barriers and find solutions.



dsc_3596The graduates of the MSc SENSE programme were praised by director Hans Edin for the heartfelt attitude they brought to their studies, as he suggested that he couldn’t have wished for a better group of students.
Programme director Thomas Nordgreen, reminisced about the Master´s School Kick-Off event and paid tribute to his group’s open and creative minds.



dsc_4024Mar Martínez, director of the MSc Energy for Smart Cities programme, spoke of the value of close working between graduates and industry and corporate partners, emphasising the group’s involvement in ‘real-world’ changes.




dsc_4238Last but not least, the MSc RENE programme director Enrique Velo spoke of his dreams of a better world, shared by the graduates, and how together they will tackle the challenge of truly renewable energy.

 Support for the future

In between the five ceremonies, graduates heard key members of the InnoEnergy CommUnity on how they will continue to offer support in their futures. Innovation Director Elena Bou spoke of the graduates as innovators and entrepreneurs, and how InnoEnergy is having a real impact in that direction. Marloes Wichink Kruit from IE’s Career Centre called on the graduates to, “use the inspirational InnoEnergy environment to the max!”.. CommUnity Officer and founder Claudio Geyken offered up the numerous paths to future collaboration InnoEnergy could offer, emphasising the wider and mutual benefits of the extensive CommUnity network.

dsc_4427Appropriately enough, the overall atmosphere was set by the graduates. There were cheers, applause, good-natured shout-outs and inspired fun, not least in the programme photo sessions, with each group chanting energy-related slogans and even, from one, an impromptu performance of the Macarena.

Overall, an energetic day of memories shared, testimonials given and inspiration offered. As InnoEnergy Master’s School Manager Henrik Svensson said in closing, “InnoEnergy is all about impact and impact comes when you make your dreams a reality.”