InnoEnergy Iberia and Ibérica Soluciones Financieras agree on collaboration to boost innovation

The collaboration agreement aims at boosting the innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem in the Iberian Peninsula

Barcelona, Spain –11 October, 2017

InnoEnergy Iberia has announced the signing a collaboration agreement with Ibérica Soluciones Financieras (ISF), a financial entity based in Navarra, Spain, with the objective of offering financial support to InnoEnergy and its portfolio of startups in the energy sector. The agreement comes as a consequence of InnoEnergy´s strategy of boosting the sustainable energy sector in Europe, offering direct support to the startups´ businesses in the Iberia region.

Mikel Lasa, CEO InnoEnergy Iberia, said “This agreement with ISF, will reinforce even more our high-added value services to the startups and SMEs in our ecosystem.”

On the other hand, Javier Guembe, CEO Ibérica de Soluciones Financieras, stated that: “this collaboration agreement is a great opportunity and, at the same time, a great responsibility for ISF, because we have access to a very attractive market where we are comfortable doing business in. We have been working for a long time within this sector because of its innovation, the variety of companies and the entrepreneurs´ profiles. It also fits perfectly with our values of innovation, efficiency, green energy, smart grids and sustainability.”

Among ISF ´s main services to InnoEnergy and its startups are: financial prescription, search for capital from financial entities, private investors and investment funds, among others. ISF shows a 15 year long consistent record of financial support to relevant companies from a variety of sectors.

About Ibérica Servicios Financieros, ISF

ISF is a company of financial intermediation focused on two work areas:

  • Tecnological renting: related to acquisition via asset renting, without treasury payments nor showing as a debt for companies.

Benefits: treasury improvement and boosting the company´s sales, especially for startups. The supplier provides immediate payment and the client pays fixed monthly installments.

  • Search of financing and capital for companies:

Many companies, especially startups, need financing or capital to start their business and achieve commercial success. In that critical phase, ISF has experience and access to investors, investment banks and family offices, especially interested in green energy and innovation. It is about teamwork which is confidential and sensitive, covering a variey of aspects.