Greenely, gamifying energy consumption

Greenely, a start-up company from KTH Innovation currently incubated at KIC InnoEnergy, has recently developed a new mobile application that gives back to users full control over their everyday life energy behaviour.

The mobile app automatically collects information like temperature, household conditions and historical trends and it crunches it through big data algorithms. The user can comfortably access this information via any smart device and visualize it through a beautifully designed user interface called “The Energy Tree”. This allows energy savings of more than 10 % without requiring any hardware installation.


“The fact that households needed to pay to get complicated information about number of kWh used felt crazy. We have therefore developed algorithms that can translate the raw energy data and present it in a modern way that is freely available 24/7” (Tanmoy Bari, CEO at Greenely AB)

The start-up will now test its technology in a live trial in partnership with the Swedish Utility Mälarenergi. The project aims at verifying the benefits of a smart grid in the large scale and it will be initially rolled out in over 200 households in Sweden.

“In the last years over 100 million smart meters have been installed across the world making vast streams of energy data available through the smart grid. We at Greenely see an enormous potential to use IT for energy efficiency and provide households with information that was previously inaccessible” (Tanmoy Bari, CEO at Greenely AB)

Greenely_teamDespite being a very young start-up, Greenely has already distinguished itself by winning several awards, like the “Smart Living Challenge”, “The challenge of the year” at the Business Challenge and “The young business idea of the year” at the Swedish city of Solna. The company has also recently started a collaboration with researchers from Stanford University, bringing cutting-edge insight and know-how to the team.


Greenely’s ultimate ambition is to revolutionise the energy sector by digitalising it and we at KIC InnoEnergy wish them the best of luck in achieving that.